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02 July 2016 - 11:46

Tous les premier mercredi de chaque mois pour une durée d'une semaine.

La liste est supposée dans la quête, en traits sybillins certes mais voici une liste plus complète en anglais :

Jan.: Conall's/Atzel (confirmed). F2P, L20-40 and L60 zones. Boss: The King of Winter (Giant Yeti). Summoner: YmirishHerald. Conall's was up the cliff-side in the Ymirish camp, or up the series of climbing-cliffs at the west end. In 2015, the WB was also spawning right by the rez pad for the Field of the Dead gate. Atzel's location: One is above the Halls of Eternal Frost rez pad (climb or ride up; ride if the boss is engaged) and the other is near where the NPC Magnus can be found, a short ride from the HoEF rez pad up the hill.

Feb.: Northern Grasslands/Chosain Province (confirmed). P2P Khitai, L80 zones. Boss: Obsidian Basilisk. Summoner: Legendary Monster Hunters. NG was near the Hole, or north of Pin-Pin near the instance bridge, or at the Red Cliff Inn area. Chosain was either near the northern chicken coop rez pad or further east by the pagoda/in the swamp.

March: Dragons Spine (confirmed). P2P, L80 zone. Boss: Dust Fiend. Summoner: Fire Servant Herald. One known spawn point, around 900, 648, centre of the map, south of the T5 entrance "Otherworldly Junction"/Palace of Cetriss. The rez point is quite close, south of the spawn point. As of the Wednesday, the WB is susceptible to knockdowns and other interrupts, and even fear effects. Watch out for flaming patches on the ground which dot you. Thanks to Tapwater for the call-out, other details checked by myself.

2014 OLD BOSS, removed: Dragons Spine (confirmed). P2P, L80 zone. Boss: Serpent Man Oldblood. Summoner: (proper name?). One spawn point (east) was near the Excavator's Camp/Slithering Coil (1300, 500). The other (west) was west of the Nomad Camp (460, 350).

April: Thunder River (confirmed). F2P, L60+ zone. Boss: The Thrice Drowned. Summoner: Followers of the Deep. One spot is at 500, 1300, island in river NW of Croc Caves. 2nd spawn point around 970, 600, south end across from the southern rez pad. 3rd is 1320, 1660, near path to Graveyard.

May: Eiglophian/Ymir's (confirmed). F2P, L50-63 zones. Boss: Ice Worm. Summoner: Vanir Miner. EM spawn 1 is right in front of Vile Nativity, around 310, 1210. Spawn 2 is by Yakhmar's cave at 630, 1165. Ymir's 1 is right by the entrance to the Amphitheatre of Karutonia (1200, 795). Ymir's 2 is at 970, 1270 near Ymir's Champion on the way to the Temple. Thanks also to Shax84 for confirming these with similar coords. Closest res pad in the Eiglophian Mountains is the Hunting Lodge.

June: Turan, AKA Coast of Ardashir (confirmed). Purchased zone, usable by F2P if they have purchased it, 50+ zone. Boss: Spawn of Nergal. Summoner: Arch Lector. Spawn point 1 is at 775, 825, on the island in the bay. Spawn point 2 is at 650, 450, the logging camp. Most just call out "Island" or "Camp".

July: Khopshef Province F2P, L20-40 zone AND Dragons Spine P2P, L80 zone (confirmed). Boss: Leviathus Spawn. Summoner: Umbra Conclave Agent. Khopshef Province at Crossroads (488, 234), Ruins (288, 375), Black Castle (778, 242), and Caravanserai (792, 554). Dragons Spine Oasis (560, 970). Thanks Tamber, Graveguard and Toskipa for info.

August: White Sands F2P, L10-20 zone (confirmed). Boss: Black One Executioner. Summoner: Prisoner. Tortage Island, White Sands Island (no mounts!). There is only one spawn point at 718, 607 (the Ancient Temple, top of the steps). The nearest rezpad is the "Cannibal Camp" pad, at 590, 220). Thanks, Khoylz, for the collated info. Note: If you don't have the Secluded Cove rezpad, up from the bay with the boss croc, it's worth getting. Depending upon how far the WB is roaming around you can die and end up there instead of the Cannibal pad. If you don't have the Cove pad, you can get sent back to the rowboat start pad, which makes it a long run back.

Sept.: Field of the Dead F2P, L40-50 zone AND Eiglophian Mountains F2P, L50-63 zone (Confirmed.) Boss: Remnant of the Lurker. Summoner: Memory of <various names like Khor-Nu and Xan-Phon>. Spawn points: House of Crom in Field of the Dead. Closest rez point is the Stream Bridge, then head north through the Vanir-infested (L43ish) Ancient Ruins. In Eiglophian, the spawn point is at Vile Nativity. Closest spawn point is at the Mountain Hunting Lodge.

Oct.: Wildlands of Zelata F2P, L20-40 zone AND Thunder River F2P, L60+ zone (confirmed). Boss: Banshee Queen of Acheron. Summoner: Black Ring High-Necromancer. Spawns in Wildlands of Zelata at Sanctum of the Burning Souls (1200, 630) and in Thunder River at Xibaluku (920, 960). Thanks, Amardad and others, for the info. Wildlands spawn site is quite close to a rez pad in the ruins.

Nov.: Kheshatta F2P, L80 zone (confirmed). Boss: Risen Inferno Lord. Summoner: Flame Oracle. 4 spawn locations (all in Keshatta): East Ruins (1125, 865), Caravan Raiders Camp (1130, 435), Ghanatan Camps (650, 155), and Black Ring Explorers (260,640). Thanks Caudilloo for the initial data and Sirkhus for the coords.

Dec.: Old Tarantia Noble District (confirmed). F2P, L40+ zone. Boss: Black Dragon. Summoner: Dragon Cultist. 2013/2014 was in front of Conan's castle on the bridge. 2nd spot was Tarantia Common District at the northern cliff - where a group of thugs are throwing people down into the river. (Credit: Khaletohep)

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