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[Mise à jour] Notes Préliminaires de Mise à Jour 14

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De nouvelles notes de mise à jour ont fait leur apparition pour le Seigneur des Anneaux Online, avec quelques modifications très attendues par les joueurs, et d'autres qui créent la surprise.

On pourra noter l'augmentation du niveau maximum au Niveau 100, ainsi que l'ajout de nouvelles zones en Gondor Occidental, accessibles gratuitement aux VIPs.
Parmi les surprises, une petite ligne fait l'effet d'une bombe sur les forums officiels : "Les ennemis montés tapent plus fort et plus vite", ce que l'on comprend quand on sait les dégâts immenses que pouvaient déjà infliger certains ennemis, il y a de quoi s'inquiéter pour la vie de nos héros ! Mais qui dit plus de danger, dit plus de prestige !

Retrouvez l'intégralité du Patch Notes à la suite de cette news, en gardant à l'esprit qu'il s'agit d'une version "En Cours", qui n'est ni définitive ni complète. Pour la source originale et les discussions qui en découlent, c'est ici que ça se passe


Reminder: These note should be considered incomplete and non-final and apply only to the current Bullroarer release. In the case of Update 14(B1) this should be considered doubly true as there was an issue exporting some of the release notes and dev comments.
  • RUNE KEEPERS PLEASE NOTE: We’re removing the Rune-keeper skills “Vivid Imagery, Break the Bonds, and Scribe a New Ending” for this bullroarer test due to potentially client-crashing problems. We felt it better to disable these and progress with all other testing than delay all testing until this issue was resolved.
  • Level up to 100!
    You may now level your character to level 100.
  • New Regions
    Three new areas have been added to the game! Explore and enjoy West Gondor! These areas are free to VIPs!
  • Epic Story Volume IV
    The Story continues! Volume IV is free to all players!
  • The Essence System is here!
    New gear found throughout the world can be upgraded and enhanced by placing Essences into available slots. These Essences are currently earned as drops.
  • Join the City Watch of Dol Amroth
    Upon reaching level 100 you’ll receive a summons from Beriadur, head of the city guard of Dol Amroth. He has heard of your travails through West Gondor and wants to see if you are interested in joining the watch. The city of Dol Amroth is broken into 8 districts, each focusing on a different important building. Only once a watch-men has earned the trust of the residents of a district, are they allowed to patrol and be responsible for that section of the city.

    The people of Dol Amroth have much that needs to be done and each day you can aid them in their tasks. These tasks range from threats in the Paths of the Dead, to corsair camps on an island, to a 3-man instance, to fishing, and more. Two of these sections, the Paths of the Dead and the caves and tunnels beneath Emyn Ernil will be need to cooperatively unlocked by the server before any trust may be earned with some of the districts. Upon completing a quest you’ll be rewarded with Silver Tokens of Dol Amroth or tokens for a specific district. Using the token will provide rep with that district. The tokens can also be bartered for armour, essence, and housing rewards. The tokens may also be freely traded with other characters.

    Upon completing your quests for the day, Beriadur will ask if you wish to join the watch-men in some training exercises. Returning from these exercises, you discover corsairs have snuck into the city under cover of night. You are able to select which district you wish to free, based on those you have earned the trust of, and together with the watch you may attempt to retake the city. This is an instance that can be done once daily and rewards Gold Tokens of Dol Amroth and tokens for the various districts.

    By Player Request
  • Log out Changes
    It now takes 30 seconds for players to log out if they are in combat (while out of combat, the 10 second timer remains unchanged): preventing the log-out mechanic from being abused in certain situations.
  • Inventory Sort
    • Slotted Legendary Items are now sorted before others.
    • We will now group together all your food and all your potions. Within each group, the items will be sorted by level, then quality.
    • We now sort items in order of increasing instead of decreasing quality for consistency
  • Crafted Item inscriptions
    Added a new "Disable item inscription" checkbox to the crafting panel. Check this option to suppress the item inscription dialog while crafting items (you will not have the opportunity to inscribe your items).
  • Player Council Contributions to Update 14
    The Players Council has brought a number of quality of life issues to our attention and we’re happy to announce that the following changes and additions are being made to the game based on the feedback of both the 2013 and 2014 Players Council members.
    • The maximum number of friends you can have on your friends list has been increased to 100.
    • The maximum number of characters allowed in the Kinship Message of the day has been increased. (Currently 80, increased to 132)
    • A new global chat channel has been added. This channel is /world or /wd. You are automatically added to this channel when you log in and it is active throughout the game world. Monsterplayers have their own version of this chat.
    We would also like to thank the council for their contributions and input on the Essence System.

    Release Notes
  • General
    • Fixed a bug which prevented fellowship members from being able to see each others' emote text and hear each others' music under certain circumstances.
    • Chest slot items that affect both the upper and lower body are now only affected by dyes applied to the chest slot.
    • Shield of the Hammerhand once again stacks with Derudh's Stone and the Outrider's Token.
  • Classes
    • All Classes
    • Traits that granted primary stats have been increased to be more competitive.
    • Might contributions to tactical mastery were not mentioned in the text of the might tooltip on the character panel of the Champion, Guardian, or Warden.
    • Agility contributions to tactical mastery were not mentioned in the text of the agility tooltip on the character panel of the Warden.
  • Captain
    • Traits - Lifting Words - Bonus increased from 3%-->4% per rank
    • Traits - Skilled Hands - Tactical Damage Bonus increased from 2%-->3% per rank
    • Traits - Enhanced Traits - Astute Hands has a new rank which increases Tactical Critical Damage by 20%
    • Set Bonus - Tactician's Prowess Critical Healing Magnitude balanced down from 50%-->25%
    • Traits - New Trait - Valour - Healing skills have a 20% chance to build Valour. At max stacks, an AoE healing pulse emanates from teh Captain and your next Valiant Strike is guaranteed to crit.
    • Traits - Standard of Honour - Standard of Honour and Improved Standard of Honour have been condensed into a single trait. Ranks 1-4 will improve the potency of Standard of Honour, and rank 5 will make it Ground Targeted.
    • Traits - Reform the Lines - No longer enhances Incoming Healing
      Lead the Charge Specialization - Passive Bonus 2 - Critical Hits cause the enemy to take 2% increased damage for 10s. This effect stacks with Telling Mark
    • Traits - Martial Prowess - Attack Duration bonus balanced down to 3%/6%/10% over 3 ranks
    • Traits - Penetrating Cry - Effect duration balanced down from 60s --> 20s
    • Traits - Standard of War - Duration balanced down from 30s --> 20s
    • Traits - Standard of War - Standard of War and Improved Standard of War have been condensed into a single trait. Ranks 1-4 will improve the potency of Standard of War, and rank 5 will make it Ground Targeted.
    • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Arterial Strikes has a new rank which grants +20% Melee Critical Damage
    • Traits - New Trait - Elite Companions - Heralds and Archers have a 20% chance to reduce enemy armour.
    • Traits - Situational Awareness - Ranks now increase proc chance by 10% per rank. Evade bonus is fixed at 8% across ranks.
    • Traits - Noble Mark - DoT effects can no longer trigger Morale Return
    • Traits - Turning Point - The Incoming Healing bonus now caps at 25%
    • Traits - Standard of Valour - Duration balanced down from 30s-->20s
    • Traits - Standard of Valour - Standard of Valour and Improved Standard of Valour have been condensed into a single trait. Ranks 1-4 will improve the potency of Standard of Valour, and rank 5 will make it Ground Targeted.
    • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Strength in Numbers has a new rank which causes 2 HoTs to be returned for each Fellowship Member affected.
    • Traits - New Trait - Elendil's Fury. On any Block, Parry, or Evade, gain a stack of Elendil's Fury. At 5 stacks, your next Blade of Elendil deals significant damage and opens up a Defeat Event.
  • Champion
    • True Heroics – Lowered cooldown to 2 minutes (Lowered legacy to be 60 seconds maxed out to compensate for this change).
    • Wild Attack is now properly tagged as a Strike skill.
    • The Deed Heroic Resolve now only requires 50 uses of True Heroics, down from 750.
  • The Martial Champion
    • Riposte damage increase trait has been raised from 15% to 20% per rank. New rank on trait that grants: Sweeping Riposte – 20% Chance to unlock sweeping riposte instead of riposte. Deals damage up to 3 targets.
    • Critical Defence trait has been converted to a percentage based trait.
    • Aggressive Exchange trait has been moved to Tier 1 of the Martial Champion tree.
    • New Trait – “Quick with a Blade” Merciful Strike has no health threshold requirement.
    • Horn of Champions – Increased debuff duration to 10 seconds.
  • The Berserker
    • Set Bonus Renewing Strikes – Reduce chance to 15% and heal to 3% of max health, but can now trigger on every attack hook
    • Set Bonus – Precise Strikes – Bonuses from trait apply every attack hook.
    • New Trait – Weapons Master – Dual wielding weapons gives you +10% damage and +3% Parry Chance. Wielding a single weapon gives you 5% Attack Duration +10% Critical Damage
    • Enhanced Trait – Merciful Minded –Max Rank: Merciful Strike is now guaranteed to crit.
  • The Deadly Storm
    • Passive – Flurry – Increase proc chance to 30%, up from 20%.
    • Bladestorm critical hits now proc Flurry.
    • Champion’s Advantage – Increase duration of buff to 12 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
    • New Trait – The More the Merrier Blade Skills have a 15% chance to generate 1 fervour for every target hit
    • New Rank of Ardent Rage. This rank reduces the cooldown of Battle frenzy by 30 seconds and changes the fervour regeneration effect to be 1 fervour every second for 10 seconds.
  • Guardian
    • Bash Legacy should now properly increase the damage of bash.
  • Lore-master
    • Traits - Prepare for War - Ratings have been increased significantly
    • Traits - Inner Flame - Now gives a significantly stronger Fire Damage buff. Base cooldown reduced from 90s-->60s
    • Traits - Hearty Diet - Ratings have been increased significantly
    • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Hearty Diet - now has a 6th rank which increases Physical and Tactical Mitigations by 2.5% each.
    • Traits - Ring of Fire - debuff has been significantly increased
    • Traits - Enhanced Trait - "Ring of Fire" has a new rank which increases the radius to 10m
    • Traits - New Trait - Fire Shield - Fire skills have a 25% chance to place a protective shield around you which increases mitigations and returns Fire Damage to attackers
    • Traits - Fire-lore - Melee Damage Reduction increased from 3%-->5% per rank
    • Traits - Frost-lore - Tactical Damage Reduction increased from 2%-->4% per rank
    • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Ancient Craft has a new rank which increases your own armour by 5%
    • Traits - New Trait - Enfeeble - The effects of Ancient Craft, Sign of Power: See All Ends, and Sign of Power: Command are doubled for the first 10s of their duration
    • Skills - Sign of Power: Command now uses its updated icon for all versions of skills and effects
  • Runekeeper
    • Riffler of Writs items should now properly remove the attunement shift of a Writ as intended.
    • Words of Exaltation had old tooltip text that referred to the duration of the bubble being increased per tier of writ of health on a target. This functionality was removed in update 12 but the tooltip was not updated. It is now.
  • Warden
    • Traits - All traits which provide ratings bonuses have been significantly increased.
    • Traits - Critical Protection - Max Critical Defence bonus increased from 5%-->7% Critical Defence
    • Traits - For the Free Peoples - Mitigations given to fellowship are increased
    • Traits - New Trait - Fellowship Protector - Conviction gives you Mitigation ratings for every Fellowship member affected by the skill.
    • Traits - Enhanced Trait - "Stand your Ground" has a new rank which grants +2% Block chance and +2% Parry Chance
    • Traits - Way of the Spear - Trait now offers 3%/6%/10% Spear Gambit Damage over 3 ranks
    • Traits - Recklessness - Skill grants more Critical Rating when triggered
    • Set Bonus - Sharpened Spears - Spear Gambit Damage increased from 5%-->10%
    • Set Bonus - One After Another - Morale restored increased from 1%-->5%
    • Traits - New Trait - Honed Spikes - Shield Spikes now give your shield skills +20% Critical Damage
    • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Lasting Impression has a new rank which causes a DoTs final pulse to deal significant burst damage to the target
    • Traits - Momentum - Melee Damage buff after swapping into melee stance increased from 2%-->4% per rank
    • Traits - Shattered Javelins - Burst damage increased by over 20%
    • Traits - Battering Strikes - Debuff Duration increased from 12s-->15s
    • Traits - New Trait - Seize the Moment - Critical Hits with Gambits have a 50% chance to remove cooldowns from masteries for 10s. This effect cannot be triggered more than once every 10s.
    • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Bulls-eye - New Rank grants +20% Ranged Critical Damage.
  • Mounted Combat
    • Fixed a case where class stances didn't fully activate if you changed trait specs while mounted.
    • Mounted Combat: Mounted Enemies will hit harder and more frequently.
    • The Root effect was causing mounted players to accelerate rather than affecting their mount's acceleration rate. Now when the effect is active, your acceleration rate will be decreased for the duration of the effect.
  • Legendary Items
    • All Heritage Runes now stack to 200.
    • The Legacy Replacement items are now usable while riding a horse.
    • Reduced the induction time for using IA upgrades and legacy replacements.
    • The First-age Legendary class items (non-weapons) were not getting the full benefit from legacies (as one could see when they compared the Might legacy added to a class item and weapon, for example). This change will only affect newly identified First-age class items.
  • Epic Battles, Skirmishes, Instances, & Raids.
    • Various shouts inside instances should now show up over npc's heads
    • The vast majority of the big battles promotion benefits have been rebalanced to provide larger benefits earlier on. The tier 5 values have not changed.
    • Notable increases have been made to the stat boosts monsters get on tier 2 and 3 skirmishes and tier 2 scaling instances.
    • Notable increases have been made to the base stats for elite masters, nemesis, and arch-nemesis in skirmishes.
  • Monsterplay
    • Potions and insignias should now work for level scaled characters starting at level 20. (Food not included)
    • Creep Mastery Corruption bonus was misleading and referring to only melee skills when all types of skills proc the effect.
    • Reaver and Stalkers auto attacks should now properly use their new damage types on all attack hooks.
    • Toxic Carapace should no longer reflect periodic damage from bleeds and other types of damage over time effects.
    • Improved Vital Target now applies a healing debuff for 20 seconds to its target.
  • User Interface
    • UI: Switching between in-game maps should be a bit more responsive.
    • Quests listed in NPC selection UIs are now listed alphabetically.
  • Hobnanigans
    • Adjusted costs of Red Chicken, Dorking and Scrapper Hats
    • Adjusted physics on fields to prevent some stuck and boundary issues
    • Hatching is now a daze instead of a stun
    • Chickens behind the Pet Vendor now name what they are
    • The bonus reward effect no longer clears on logging out or death
  • Cosmetic Pets
    • Floaty names for Hobnanigans Chicken Rewards will now be the right color for their rarity
  • Chat and Social
    • There's a new "World" chat channel. You can talk on it to other people on the same server no matter where in the world you are. It is turned on by default, you can turn it off by right-clicking on the chat tab and unchecking the "World" checkmark. The command to talk on the channel is /world or /wd. Monster Players have their own version of the world channel.
    • You now get appropriate usage reminders when using chat channel commands with no text to send
    • You can no longer make user chat channels with the same name as one of the existing chat channel commands.
  • Kinships
    • You should more consistently see the correct fellowship icons in the kinship panel.
    • The maximum number of characters allowed in the Kinship Message of the day has been increased (Currently 80, increased to 132).
  • Quests
    • Fixed a number of issues where tooltips over monsters wouldn't correctly indicate the quests/deeds that they would advance.
    • Typos fixed throughout Volume I, II, and III.
    • Typos fixed throughout Bree-land, Angmar, North Downs, and West Rohan.
    • Greetings added to several festival vendors.
    • Reliability fixes for ‘The Horn of Gondor’ session.
    • Many fixes and implementation for Volume IV, Book 1.

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