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[News] Un Survival Mode en développement

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Posted 28 April 2014 - 18:18

En réponse aux demandes d'une partie la communauté, l'équipe en charge de DCUO a commencé à développer un "Survival Mode", qui n'est encore pour l'instant qu'au stade de prototype. Cette annonce a été faites sur le forum de DCUO, et dévoile les premières caractéristiques de ce mode.

Dans un groupe de 8 joueurs, vous devrez vaincre des vagues de monstres successives, mais qui deviendront de plus en plus difficiles à battre au fur et à mesure de votre avancée. L'évènement prendra fin lorsque votre groupe sera entièrement annihilé. Le but, vous l'aurez compris, et de réussir à vaincre le plus de vagues possibles pour obtenir les meilleures récompenses, qui tomberont à divers paliers de réussite.

Ce contenu ne devrait être lié à aucun DLC, et donc accessible à tous les joueurs. Les développeurs ont également l'ambition qu'ils s'agisse là d'un contenu qui puisse fournir un défi permanent à l'ensemble de la communauté.


Work in Progress: Survival Mode

Howdy folks,

We are about to begin the earliest stages of designing and prototyping a new kind of content, which we're currently calling Survival Mode. This is very much an experiment, and very much in direct response to your requests for an event in-game somewhat inspired by the PvE Challenges you've seen on Friday Night Legends, something that can provide ongoing and increasing challenge to endgame players even between DLC releases.

Here are the basics so far:
  • This will be a "wave" style event, where 8-player groups face off against waves of progressively tougher enemies and bosses.
  • The event will end with a full raid wipe, and once you're knocked out (and not rallied), you're out.
  • You will receive some type of small reward at milestones throughout the event, marking how far you survived.
    • We want you to earn something meaningful at the end of the day, but not make this necessary to progression.
    • We are open to ideas and suggestions!
  • We will return to an existing environment and use existing (but ever more challenging) enemies.
    • Initially, we are planning to use Oan Sciencells, and feature a multitude of Lantern-related characters.
    • Reusing existing resources means we can do this without impacting future content planned for DLCs.
  • The event will likely be available only for limited amounts of time, cycling in and out of the game.
  • It will not be attached to any DLC, but it will require a high (end-game) Combat Rating.
  • Finally - and most importantly - it is intended to be a FUN, extra event for leagues and groups of players to throw themselves at, see a completely new experience in DCUO, and take real satisfaction in their accomplishments.
As mentioned before, this is very much an experiment based on what we've been able to do in a limited way on FNL, and in response to your feedback watching and playing. This first prototype will be just that - a prototype - and we'll be looking at everyone's feedback while we create it and once it is live, so that we can improve it and utilize what we learn for improvements in the future. Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated, and will help us build something that you enjoy!


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